VoIP Services

CiscoDirectory – Extensions and Direct Inward Dials (DIDs) of all locations on the Cisco VoIP system.


Training and Reference Guides
Cisco 69X1 User Training Guide
Cisco 6941 Quick Start Guide
Cisco 6941 Reference Guide
Cisco 78X1 Quick Start Guide
Cisco 78X1 User Training Guide
Cisco 79X2 Reference Guide
Cisco 79X2 User Training Guide
Cisco 8811 Quick Start Guide
Voice Mail Basic Setup
Voice Mail Shortcuts

How Do I?
Access Voice Mail from Anywhere
Deleted Message Retrieval
Fax Not Working?
Transfer Directly into Voice Mail

VoIP Links
Voice Mailbox Website
Calling Management for Users
TECH – VM Admin

Information Services Team

Information Services

Information Services Team

The Information Services team includes Tina Hannan, Victoria Glass, Rose Salomone, Bruce Hahn, Lance Queen, and Steve Prull. They manage our regional software applications, databases, student information systems, websites, library software systems, and more.

Network Services

network operations crew

The Network Services team includes Russ Fagan, Wendy Bloom, Michael Allen, and Steve O’Brien. They manage bandwidth, security, filters, wireless, VoIP phones, directories, and the network connections in and between each of our four districts.